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  • Sporter 400 TT

    Sporter 400 TT

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    Machines with a tilt and turn base (TT) to give rapid changes in flight direction and profile.

    • Tilt and turn base
    • 400 clay capacity, commercial ground machine
    • Throwing distance of 90m +
    • Max elevation up to 70 degrees
    • 1.5 second re-cocking time
    • Midi and Left-Handed versions available
    • 50m command cable with fire button included
    • 3 years parts warranty (optional extra - can be extended to 6 years)
    • Each trap powered by a 12v battery (not included)

    The Sporter 400TT has a 33% increase in capacity along with a tilt and turn base for a wide variation of target presentations, an upgraded electrical system and high torque motor.  It is able to fire targets below the horizontal which makes this trap ideal for use on a high tower, giving course designers the opportunity to present testing rapidly descending birds.  All the models in the 400TT series have a commonality of set up, which makes the maintenance and servicing much easier for ground staff.

    Available in Midi and Left-Handed versions, the Sporter 400TT integrates perfectly with our specialist traps such as the Chondel, Rabbit and Squirrel for a varied Sporting course.