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  • International DTL

    International DTL

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    Top specification DTL machine for commercial and competition use


    • 400 clay capacity, commercial and competition standard machine
    • Solenoid release for instantaneous firing
    • Timers and automatic stop random movement interrupter
    • Multi positional drive disc for variable angle set up with cross wind adjustment
    • Transformer available (extra)
    • 3 year parts warranty


    This top specification DTL machine includes a massive 12 column carousel with a 400 clay capacity while keeping trap height to a minimum. The Promatic tilting mechanism on the base keeps targets perfectly level in flight. We have incorporated simple set up device for centering the field at the start of the day, as well as a quick and easy adjustment for cross winds. As for the international machine, a solenoid release and turnbuckle for height adjustment are fitted as standard.