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  • Huntsman


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    3 traps offer our favourite game targets, ideal for up to 4 guns
    • Can throw up to 100 birds in 60 seconds
    • 630 bird capacity with 20/40/60/80/100 bird inbuilt flurries
    • 3 throwers, all standard, 2 side to side birds (on front), 1 side to side (on rear). Optional extra – midi machine can be added to rear if desired
    • Flush radio included for Huntsman
    With two front- linked traps that oscillate side to side, and a rear side to side standard trap, the Huntsman is ideal for a line of 4 guns. With the use of the inbuilt flurries, you can simulate all of our favourite game birds such as pheasant, ducks and geese. Extend your season, make full use of the estate, train for the season ahead or train novice shooters, the Huntsman is the perfect machine for the keen Game shooter.