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2017 Competitions

9-12 March

Pan African FITASC Sporting & Compak Championship

Bloemfontein, South Africa


10-14 May

CPSA English Open

Highwaymans Shooting Ground, UK


11-14 May

European FITASC Compak Sporting Championship Finale



8-11 June

50th European FITASC Sporting Championship Finale

Lulworth Estate, Dorest


24-25 June

FITASC Sporting UK Championship

Barbury Shooting School, UK


6-9 July

World FITASC Sporting Championship



13-16 July

ICTSF World English Sporting Championship

Kelmarsh Hall, UK


5-6 August

Hellenic FITASC Compak Sporting Grand Prix

East Olympos, Pyrgetos, Greece


10-13 August

Dutch GP

Dorhout Mees


30 Aug – 3 Sept

British Open

West Midland Shooting Ground, UK








"Target variety is essential for any club or ground that hosts local, county or national competitions - and that's exactly what you get with Promatic traps."

George Digweed, multi world champion in Sporting, FITASC and Compak