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  • Super Sporter Tower - FR

    Super Sporter Tower - FR

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    • Designed as a tower target, born from the Super Sporter Series
    • Adapted specifically for tower use
    • Commercial ground and International Competition standard
    • 550 clay capacity
    • Throwing distance of 118m +
    • Max elevation up to 70 degrees
    • Solid and robust heavy duty alloy body
    • Near instant re-cocking time
    • 50m command cable with fire button included
    • 3 year parts warranty
    • Powered by a 12v battery (not included)

    The Super Sporter Tower has been developed using the proven Super Sporter technology, and has been specifically designed to fit onto a tower, where space and accessibility is restricted. This machine also has the added bonus that it can fire below the line of horizontal, to produce speedy tower targets.