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  • Super Sporter Battue - FR

    Super Sporter Battue - FR

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    The finest Sporting Battue available - used at the top world competitions

    • Commercial ground and International Competition standard battue
    • 400 clay capacity, commercial ground machine and competition approved
    • Throwing distance of 118m +
    • Max elevation up to 60 degrees
    • 1.5 second re-cocking time
    • 50m command cable with fire button included
    • 3 year parts warranty
    • Powered from a 12v battery (not included)

    Just like the Super Sporter, The Super Sporter Battue is Promatic’s finest battue machine for Sporting, and out performs any other battue on power and speed.  Put simply, this is the best machine on the market, and the international competition standard. Just like its smaller brothers, it will throw the battue clays either right side up or upside down to give phenomenal target variety. Along with a x m throwing distance, the Super Sporter battue has the finest components with a robust heavy duty alloy body.