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  • Promatic Grouse
    Promatic GrousePromatic GrousePromatic GrousePromatic Grouse

    Promatic Grouse

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    Promatic Grouse has been created for those wanting to perfect grouse shooting out of season, particularly for those who are looking to improve double or triple gunning.

    One grouse machine will serve one grouse butt ideally, keep guns quick and ready for when the glorious 12th comes along. Not only grouse, this machine is ideal for those wanting to practice driven game shooting generally – perfect for partridge, dove practice, even mounted high up it come serve those looking to practice driven pheasant.

    The machine is able to throw repeatable flushes – from 1 to up to 6 targets at any one time, with up to a total of 200 birds per flush. The Grouse comes with its very own grouse radio that controls and can programme the flushes.


    • 6 traps, each with a 168 clay carousel to give a total of 1008 birds.
    • 6 trap synchronised rotation, individual trap elevation is between 7-45 degrees approx.
    • Distance thrown is 91m
    • Individual trap control or random flushes from all 6 traps
    • Random flushes of between 1 and 6 birds – up to a total of 200 birds per flush
    • Bespoke Grouse trailer has off road tyre wheels, jockey wheel for easy manoeuvring and jack stands for levelling
    • Battery charger bank with mains connection for charging
    • Intelligent charge system – auto turn off stops overcharging
    • Battery spec 100 – 240v AC 50-60Hz – max. 1.2 amp

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