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Course Design

At Promatic we want you to not only have the best equipment, we also want you to have an outstanding course…Great courses seldom happen by accident – it is usually because of careful and considerate design. Having the best traps is not enough and so we provide a full Course Design and Project installation service. The service can either use our own in-house design team or can be mixed with some of the great names in Shooting such as George Digweed, Will Fennell, or several other great Shooters and professionals that we work with.

Our designers will visit your site and assess the topography, natural features, vegetation and compass bearing to each stand. Each design will not only be sympathetic to the environment, but will also look to meet the needs of both the novice and experienced shooter. This means you can utilise the course for corporate days, members’ evenings, and weekend competitions – therefore you will maximise your revenue.

We will design your course incorporating safety issues, landscaping, trap positioning and pathways. We will also help you source items such as high towers, trap houses and other course furniture. 

Our Course Design service can integrated with our trap installation and training so that we can see the project through from inception to completion.

"Target variety is essential for any club or ground that hosts local, county or national competitions - and that's exactly what you get with Promatic traps."

George Digweed, multi world champion in Sporting, FITASC and Compak