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June Events

Clare Smith - Monday, June 22, 2015

We are very much looking forward to the next couple of events in the calendar for June. This week is a very busy week for us we take a trip over to Manniku, Tallinn, Estonia for the FITASC Compak Sporting World Championship Finale of World Cup (25-28 June), where we are supporting the event with a mix of 48 sporting machines for the 200 bird event that will be spread over the 4 days, plus Monty who will be Technical support there.

We are also supporting The Clay Shooting Classic held on home turf at Windrush Shooting Ground (24-27 June). Jamie Peckham will be there making sure the machines are doing what they do best, we will be supporting Steve Lovatt and the Clay Shooting Company team with 21 extra machines for the 150 bird event (2 courses - red & blue, with 75 targets on each course).

Jumping over the Atlantic, Promatic are delighted to be once again supporting the US Open from the fantastic venue at Northbrook Sports Club, IL from 22-28 June. The main event will be a 200 target sporting, with side events such as 100 bird new-style FITASC competition, 100 target Super Sporting Event and a 20 and 26 GA FITASC event.

"Target variety is essential for any club or ground that hosts local, county or national competitions - and that's exactly what you get with Promatic traps."

George Digweed, multi world champion in Sporting, FITASC and Compak