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Our Blog

Welcome to our Blog!!

Clare Smith - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This blog page will now as a platform to keep you in the know about all things Promatic… so watch this space! We have just developed our website to make it much easier to access the areas that you want - whether you are looking for traps for your club or ground, a personal use trap to use at home or for a simulated game machine to practice out of season, the new site should get you there much quicker.

We have incorporated the latest videos for Promatic so you can now take a look around the factory, see the Promatic Grouse, our newest machine in the range or have a master class on machine maintenance. Furthermore we have a dedicated area called the ‘Promatic Support Centre’ where you can download individual trap manuals, look at our spares online and access wiring diagrams.

There are plenty of new products on our new site – the Grouse, our latest addition to our simulated game trailers is well worth a visit. With 6 traps mounted on a towable trailer that can throw 100 bird flushes, or coveys of 6 grouse at a time, it really is the game shooters’ best friend! The feedback so far has been incredible; we were lucky enough to take the machine up to a grouse moor at a prestigious Scottish Estate where we have taken a promotional video of it. The gamekeepers there were impressed at how well the targets replicated the flight of grouse coveys, the estate owner decided to buy there and then for practice before the glorious 12th arrives.

We also have the Promatic 70, the first Sporting/FITASC machine of its kind that holds Promatic’s unique 70mm clays (between a midi and mini size clay). It really offers something completely different to a Sporting layout and has already been very well received by clubs and grounds who use it.

We hope that you enjoy the blog, and look forward to hearing your feedback!

The Promatic Team

"Target variety is essential for any club or ground that hosts local, county or national competitions - and that's exactly what you get with Promatic traps."

George Digweed, multi world champion in Sporting, FITASC and Compak