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“Our new Promatic (Olympic Trap) machines are really helping us with our training. Releases are on time and very visible to shoot."

Ed Ling (OT Team GB Athlete for Rio Games) and Abbey Burton (Gold Medal Champion & Commonwealth Champion)

If you enjoy Shooting, the chances are that you have shot targets from Promatic equipment. For over 25 years, Promatic have been designing and building the finest automatic traps and shooting equipment that you can buy, as well as sponsoring many nationally and internationally recognised competitions.

Your Sport, Our Passion - we share your passion and enthusiasm for Shooting. Our primary intention is to ensure that you have a fantastic experience that is second to none, whatever discipline you prefer. Whether you shoot Game, Skeet, Olympic Trench or Sporting & FITASC, or if you simply want a personal use machine to use from the comfort of your home, Promatic can provide you with the appropriate machines and after sales service, so that you can get the very best from your equipment.

Promatic Centres of Excellence

Promatic Centres of Excellence (PCOE) are shooting grounds and clubs located worldwide that have invested in Promatic products (traps/radios/electronic equipment/clays) to ensure that shooters have the very best experience from the moment they shout ‘pull’. PCOE recognise the importance of keeping Shooters happy to ensure the longevity of our sport.

Promatic has created an online directory that profiles these clubs and grounds so that shooters can find their nearest place to shoot their preferred shooting discipline – whether it be Sporting, Olympic Trap, simulated game etc.

Download the Promatic Brochure

Keep a digital copy of the latest Promatic brochures that detail information on the full product range. Click on the Brochures to download them.

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Simulated Game

Perfect to simulate your favourite Game birds, such as pheasant, duck, geese, grouse, doves and much more

Competition Traps

Organising a competition event, or are a large ground or club, we have a range of competition traps that suit your requirements.

Sporting Traps

Have the capability to create an outstanding course, with a diverse a range of target presentations

Personal Use

Individual traps are ideal for practice from the comfort of your home or an area that you can set them up

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