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September 2017 Newsletter 12-Sep-2017

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Promatic's Claymate system provides cutting edge technology when it comes to clay counting and release systems. Grounds have reported revenues increasing by up to 40% thanks to Claymate's ability to control and record clay usage. Coin, tally or tokens are a thing of the past. Claymate allows the shooter to take a valid encoded Wi 'contactless' card, place the card on the stand controller, set the target and shoot!

  • Benefits to your Ground or Club, and to your Shooters
  • Wi Counter Systems for Sporting, FITASC and Compact
  • Wi Counter Systems for Skeet, DTL and ABT
  • Wi Counter Systems for Multitrap

"We totally rely on  Promatic traps. Choosing Promatic was one of the best investment decisions I ever made…"

Peter usher, Lakenheath Clay Target Centre