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Simulated Game

Using Promatic Huntsman Trailers will ensure you are at your peak as you fire your first shot in Game Season, or Hunting worldwide. Whether it's grouse in Scottish Highlands, high pheasants in the steep Exmoor valleys in England, Partridges in Spain, Doves, geese and ducks in Argentina, francolin and sand grouse in Africa or wild turkeys in Texas, Pintails in Dakota USA, the Huntsman will ensure that you enjoy your Hunting trip even more.


  • Simulates our favourite Game birds, such as pheasant, duck, geese, grouse, doves and much more
  • Model depending, can fire between 40 - 100 birds in 60 seconds
  • We offer a bespoke training package to get the best from your trailer

"Three Huntsman allow us to put on full Game Shooting days for up to 16 shooters. Last year we held simulated days for our normal members and corporate groups."

Raisethorpe Estate, England